Virtual Internship Experience at Edge Law Partners, Delhi: Highly Supportive Staff; Gained Confidence

Name of the Student

Sunny Patel

College and Year of Study

JEMTEC, School of Law, 1st year

Name and Address of the Organization

Edge Law Partners, Advocates and Consultants, Delhi; Virtual Internship

Duration of Internship

June 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022

How did you Apply?

I applied for the internship through LinkedIn.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

This was an online internship program, so nothing much to say about infrastructure but the task was given the very first day itself.

Main Tasks

Main tasks included a critical research work, article writing, case commentary, blog writing, drafting legal notices, and other documents.

Good things

Overall work environment was good. The communication was mainly through google meet. Sir was always ready to serve the interns. Everyone in the staff was highly supportive and approachable for clarity if any doubts arise.

During the internship we also came across various section of CrPC and Indian Evidence Act, at first I was nervous to proceed with them because they were not a part of my curriculum until now in early years of law school, but working with sir make me more confident and he also taught me that we should be afraid of nothing and look onto everything as challenge.

Bad things

The only negative aspect I could count as of now is that, the interns would have got more exposure if this internship was offline.


There was no stipend as such, but indeed a good learning experience, which makes it much more worth than some stipend.