Virtual Internship Experience at Civis, Civic Innovation Foundation: Balanced Work Culture

Name of the Student


Name and Address of the Organization

Civis, Civic Innovation Foundation; Virtual Internship

Duration of Internship

1 month

How did you Apply?

I got the internship through the RGNUL Internship cell. I was asked to send my CV and Statement of Purpose, describing why I would be a good fit to work at an organization like Civis. Alternatively, one can email your application to info[at]

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

Onboarding was done over two meetings. We were introduced to our seniors and given instructions on the work undertaken by the organization and the public consultation’s working method.

Main Tasks

I joined Civis as an intern to work on a consultation process which was opened up for both public and anonymous comments on the website. My responsibility was to contact people of various backgrounds, ask them to read simplified summaries on law or policy and share their feedback.

The consultation process helped me in understanding the importance of stakeholders and public opinion in legislation/policy and how important it was to promote inclusivity in terms of public feedback.

Work Environment

They encourage new ideas and allow everyone to share their view on any project that they have undertaken. Even as an intern I was allowed to be a part of almost all discussions and put my ideas forward. The well-balanced work culture encourages you to complete all your tasks on time without any stress or the fear of looming deadlines.

Even though the internship was a virtual one, it did not pose itself as a hindrance. We used to have two calls daily for discussions. Moreover, our seniors were always there to help whenever interns faced a roadblock or had something to discuss.

Good things

Wonderful and well-balanced work culture, non-toxic environment

Bad things